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Our story

Ensemble Ventures is a collaboration of business leaders, entrepreneurs, data scientists, developers, investors and research institutions with an impact-led approach to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

Patrick Lyver

Head of Digital

John Manoah

Head of Technology

Francis Moran

Head of Marketing

Ken Howieson

Head of Growth

Janelle Mansfield

Head of CX

Nabeel Kassam

Enterprise Growth

Abhay Sharma

Front-End Developer

Ryan Townshend

API Developer

Jessica Galang

Media and Public Relations

Jason Daley

Enterprise Growth

Léo Valiquette


Lenna Titizian

General Team Member

Thank you

Nineteen AI would like to thank its Catalyst, Victoria Lennox, and the following friends and advisors for their support of the early stages of this initiative: Edwin Frondozo (Growth and Technology), Kosta Mavroulakis (Global Expansion), Andrea Palmer (Wearable Technology), Natasha Varma (People and Culture), Jennifer Green (Finance and Corporate Affairs), Fiona Pye (Data Engineer), Rick Spence (Writer), Joline Lavoie (Creative), Nunzio Presta (Operations), Benoit Badaillac (Research and Innovation), Sowmyan Jagatheesan (Corporate Administrator), Shawna Tregunna (Social Media), Stephanie Johns (Graphic Design), Cyprian Szalankiewicz (Video Production)  Hannah Bell (Operations), Amy Pollard (CX Enterprise), Chaela Kindness (CX eCommerce), Moeed Sheikh (SEO), Melloney Campbell (Social Media), Aqeela Somani (Impact), Wayne Seigfried (Pricing and Partnerships), Jean-Marc LaFlamme (Ideation and Growth), Lyndon Johnson (Marketing and Communications) and Nir Ben David (Problem Identification and Ideation).


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