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Nineteen AI is  building solutions to keep people, families, communities and businesses safe during COVID-19 and as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Nineteen is building an app to support safe handwashing, to provide personalized information about COVID-19 proximity and risk, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by designating locations as safe and alerting users of the risk score of their planned outing or destination.

Nineteen is also developing a wristband for children and adults to support public health and provide peace of mind. For children, the device supports safe behavioural development, including handwashing and physical distancing, and includes temperature indicators to signal parents and caregivers that they may need to check their child’s temperature.

The wristband is connected to a parental dashboard that provides insights and alerts parents about possible exposure to COVID-19. The wearable device monitors handwashing duration and frequency, and uses AI to learn and support safer behaviours.

The wearable device and associated software will also support front-line organizations such as restaurants, municipal offices and long-term care homes, to monitor and promote handwashing by their employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Nineteen is the first offshoot of Ensemble Ventures, a collaboration of business leaders, entrepreneurs, data scientists, developers, investors, and research institutions with an impact-led approach to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. Our vision is a world where people, families, communities and businesses can feel safe and be safe as they return to normal activities.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Media Relations

Jessica Galang is Nineteen AI’s media lead. She is a communications expert who has spent several years telling the stories of Canadian tech, and she has a passion for using tech for good.

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