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Nineteen joins national digital technology supercluster

by | Jun 8, 2020

Plugging into ecosystem opens up partnership and technology

co-development opportunities


Nineteen AI has been accepted as an associate member of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, allowing us to contribute to and draw on technology resources and collaborations that will accelerate the development of our own technology and products.

Nineteen’s participation in the Supercluster is timely as provincial economies re-open to support the livelihoods of Canadian citizens and businesses alike, helping us all return to normal activities while feeling safe and being safe.

“As an early-stage ‘data for good’ technology scale-up, we need to harness every possible resource and embed ourselves within Canada’s innovation ecosystem to move as fast as possible to keep people safe during COVID-19 and as lockdown restrictions lift,” said Victoria Lennox, CEO of Nineteen AI. “The Supercluster was designed expressly to help companies like ours find partners whose projects we can contribute to and who, in turn, may be able to contribute to ours.”

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is one of five independent, national, industry-led innovation consortiums created in 2018. It co-invests in industry-led technology development projects focused on solving some of society’s and industry’s biggest challenges. With more than 500 organizations involved, the Supercluster is involved in 21 active projects with a total investment of $65-million.

The Supercluster recently announced its COVID-19 program to accelerate solutions to protect the health and safety of Canadians and speed economic recovery through the development, deployment, and scaling of digital technologies.

Nineteen AI is particularly interested in the supercluster’s immediate objective of, “Enabling technologies for Canadians to live safely and securely.” This aligns with Nineteen’s focus on collaboration, research, and scientific excellence, innovation and impact. 

“Being accepted as part of this important national initiative validates our vision, especially for such a young venture,” said Lennox. “We know that by working together with other Canadian companies and research institutions we will move faster in keeping everyone safe during this pandemic and afterward.”

“Nineteen AI is a new venture, and one that is moving at great speed to support all Canadians in living safely and securely post pandemic,” said Sue Paish, CEO, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster. “Our new COVID-19 Program is excited about this kind of innovative collaboration, and we are keen to see what the team at Nineteen AI will bring to our digital community.”

Our membership in the Supercluster positions us to contribute to COVID-19 projects already proposed by other members that will benefit from the 19-API platform we are building and will allow us to submit projects on which other Supercluster members can collaborate to deploy our SafeSystems nationally to advance public health and safety.

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